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  •  14 Mar 2011 23:45

Release Notes: An additional value is shown for the current frequency and the current scaling percentage of the CPU. Additional system-level counters are shown for the total number of threads that are running, sleeping interruptible, and sleeping uninterruptible. When the number of lines in a window is too small for the amount of system-level lines, the number of variable resources (like disks, interfaces, etc.) is limited automatically to be able to continue. The signal SIGUSR2 can be sent to atop to take one more sample and terminate (e.g. used to speed up suspend/hibernate). Support for the disk type 'mmcblk'.

  •  29 Nov 2006 07:38

Release Notes: This release added a new line with system-level counters related to processor-utilization (including load averages, context-switches, and interrupts). The effective line speed in bits per second was corrected for all network interfaces (division by 1000 instead of 1024). User IDs and group IDs are supported as numerical values now.

  •  19 Apr 2006 05:23

Release Notes: This release added a new line with system-level counters related to paging (including memory scans, swapin, and swapout). The effective line speed in bits per second is now shown for all network interfaces. The average utilization per second can also optionally be shown for most counters. The output was improved and is easier to parse due to a fixed number of values per line. The related kernel patch was ported to kernel version 2.6.16.

  •  06 Feb 2003 07:11

Release Notes: Atop is now able to show the command-line arguments of the active processes, also via the raw logfiles. The TCP/IP related counters on system-level now include the IPv6 statistics (in earlier versions these counters only showed IPv4 traffic).

  •  04 Dec 2002 06:42

Release Notes: Long-term logging to compressed raw files is automatically reactivated after a reboot of the system. This means that this feature is now also available for systems that do not run continually. A bug that prevented the interval registered in the logfile from being larger than 65535 seconds was fixed.


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