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04 Sep 2003 14:38 juliensorel

Evaluation does not contain templates in other languages
The evaluation version they provide doesn't contain templates in any language but english. Just a warning...

03 May 2003 16:54 mar00n

Too expensive
Other viable alternatives are for FREE

07 Feb 2003 07:01 hdweiner

Re: Unsatisfactory Demonstration of RDBMS Connectivity
All problems have been finally been resolved. We have adopted the product, and we are hosting 400K+ email accounts using an Oracle database and Linux SMTP, POP3, and HTTP servers.

11 Jul 2002 19:29 hdweiner

Unsatisfactory Demonstration of RDBMS Connectivity
Company will NOT demonstrate the product with Oracle as the back-end database unless the product is first purchased. Company representative states that changes must be made to the product to support Oracle, although their "blurb" makes no mention of that fact. This raises substantial issues and concerns on after-the-sale support.

Company position is that if you are dissatisfied with the product, your money will be refunded.

Un acceptable position, since there are two statements that cannot be verified until and unless the purchase is made

05 Jun 2002 15:01 augustz

The homepage link is a trapping link - you'll have to use your history to get back.

This is a commercial peice of software and the trove listing should indicate that. There is no free version available under any circumstances.


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