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Release Notes: This release adds new integration points for JIRA, Stash, and HipChat, as well as other features that help get your team together.

Release Notes: This release enhances Plans: map a complete build process into consecutive steps, all within a single Plan. The Concurrent Builds feature allows you to execute a single Plan concurrently on multiple agents. Support for Mercurial (Hg).

  •  06 Jan 2010 21:18

Release Notes: This release can use Maven 2 to automatically manage plan dependencies based on the information in the pom.xml file. Dependencies can be imported to and from the pom.xml. The plan creation wizard now allows you to create a plan without progressing through all of the steps.


Project Spotlight


An Emacs extension for interacting with a Confluence wiki.


Project Spotlight


A tool for recording and displaying sport activities.