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Release Notes: This release builds under mingw for the Windows 32bit platform, adds assorted bugfixes, and removes unsupported archdefs.

Release Notes: This release added the ability to specify which processors to use when tuning and fixes issue with virtual processors. Bugs in POWER7 support were fixed, and all compliance checks now pass. GCC 4.7.0 support was improved. ATLAS can now be compiled with MSVC++. ARM assembly was cleaned and ARM NEON support was improved. Basic support was provided for Intel's compilers. Threads and 64-bit support in Windows are now both native and longer need Cygwin.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where non-x86 architectures couldn't build threaded libraries. It fixes optimization flags for gfortran. It adds archdefs for HAMMER32SSE3, Corei264SSE3, and POWER764VSX. It updates power7 gcc flags to work with gcc 4.6.2. It fixes a compile problem with newer versions of OS X due to changes in the toolchain.

Release Notes: This release improves ranking of possible gccs during configure. It fixes a buffer overrun in config.c which caused seg fault on Windows and fixes stack overwrites in several modules. It adds archdefs for PPCG432AltiVec, USIII64, Corei232AVX, Corei132SSE3, Core232SSE3, PPCG532AltiVec, AMDDozer, P4E64SSE3, and HAMMER64SSE3, adds code to enforce in-order writes or not use PCA for weakly-ordered memory systems like IA64, PPC, POWER, and ARM, and adds a probe and kernels for the FMA4 ISA extension.

Release Notes: This release fixes errors in TRSM for non-SSE/AVX kernels. It adds a BETA=0 case to the AVX cgemvT kernel. It fixes a divide-by-zero error for small threaded SYRK. New archdefs for AMD64K10h64SSE3. It gets rid of obsolete PowerPC archdefs. It changes archinfo so it recognizes model 46 or Xeon X7560 as Corei1. There are other minor fixes.

Release Notes: This release improves automatic selection of compilers and libraries, to produce the best results. It adds further development and bugfixes to the multithreading support.

  •  03 Oct 2011 22:09

Release Notes: Assorted bugfixes and code speedups.

Release Notes: Performance improvements to Real TRSM. Architectural defaults for Atom64SSE3. A bug in gerk assembly has been fixed.

Release Notes: QR-related routines were cleaned up. Improved performance for parallel LU and QR and for serial LQ and RQ. Numerous new platform defaults. Many bugfixes.

  •  24 Jun 2011 23:28

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to autobuild performance charts in results. It adds all-alignment testing for GER and GEMV. It adds a results/ directory that can autobuild performance charts. Numerous fixes to qrtest and some fixes for the QR fact routines. A chapter in atlas_install explaining how to use mmflagsearch. A fix for an uninitialized memory read caused by copying data ATLAS doesn't reference in parallel GEMM. A fix for an uninitialized memory read in gemvT. This release changes extendedmodel=2, model=5 from Corei2 to Corei1 in archinfo_x86.


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