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athena-delete was written at Project Athena in response to the problem which many novice UNIX users have with accidentally deleting files they didn't want to delete.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Sep 2001 11:26

    Release Notes: Compilation fixes, including compilation on Linux (small Makefile changes still needed).

    Recent comments

    20 Mar 2009 03:13 belg4mit

    Unfortunately, recursive expunge (or purge) segfaults on modern Linux (Centos 5.2)

    28 Oct 2002 08:08 ed_avis

    Reaping may not happen
    The manual page talks about 'deleted' files being periodically reaped (by a process that deletes all files with names beginning .#). Of course this will not necessarily happen on today's systems.

    14 Sep 2001 09:39 ed_avis

    Changes to compile
    To compile on Linux, you need to change two definitions in the makefile. Set COMPILE_ET=compile_et and ETINCS=-I/usr/include/et. These are for the com_err error reporting library, which bizarrely ( is supplied by e2fsprogs on some Linux distributions. Change these two definitions if com_err is installed somewhere else in your distribution.


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