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  •  20 Aug 2010 23:22

Release Notes: Subdivision cracks in transparent labels are no longer filled. Warning messages from the FP package are suppressed. MS-DOS line terminators are now handled; DOSendl and DOSnewl line terminators were added. Files generated in inlinetex mode can now be renamed without editing their contents (using asymptote.sty version 1.19). The man page was fixed. The documentation of render.merge was fixed.

  •  07 Jun 2010 09:50

Release Notes: The viewpoint function and some examples were updated.

Release Notes: PRC polygons were optimized. Surface memory usage was reduced. The automatic sizing of NURBS surfaces was fixed. A bug in the radius of curvature computation at nodes was fixed. The configuration test for the GNU readline library was improved. The naming of PRC parts was implemented.

Release Notes: The PRC viewportmargin perspective was fixed. Unwanted spaces were removed from (version 1.10 of) asymptote.sty. Support for drawing PRC and OpenGL NURBS surfaces was added. Obsolete code, including an unwanted inline qualifier, was removed. A split structure that can be adapted for splitting intersecting patches was added, along with an example, splitpatch.asy.

Release Notes: A boolean targetsize option can be used to draw 3D labels with the apparent size they would have on the target plane. The camera adjustments were fixed; the autoadjust flag is respected. Missing path3 functions such as endpoint were added. The doubleclick timeout under Windows was fixed. A ConTeXT font bug workaround is illustrated in contextfonts.asy. File associations are now used under Windows for psviewer, pdfviewer, display, and animate. Single quotation marks are now allowed in filenames. The lmfit example illustrates Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least-squares fitting.

Release Notes: The perp vector calculation in the solids module was fixed. A bug in the mouse motion functions was fixed. A pan action was added to the OpenGL renderer; the Camera (c) menu item now outputs all camera settings. The default right mouse button mouse binding was changed from "zoom/menu" to "zoom". Dynamic time stepping was fixed in the ode module; the "integrate" routines now return the array of computed values. == and != operators were added for all built-in arithmetic 2D arrays. A segmentation fault was fixed. The etc/fstab kludge for Cygwin 1.7 was removed.

  •  19 Feb 2009 08:47

Release Notes: Support was added for XeLaTeX PDF specials. The target point is not forced to be part of the control volume for absolute projections. The directory is now stripped from the animation prefix; generated PDF animations are no longer automatically deleted. The new parameters xsize and ysize of the asyinclude function of the slide module are illustrated in interactive 3D examples in intro.asy. A Protein Data Bank example was added to illustrate the generation of predefined views. The slidedemo example was fixed. The license of the PRC code and tools was upgraded from GPL to LGPL.

  •  27 Feb 2008 05:00

Release Notes: A routine was added for projecting a Label onto a given plane. A new inside function checks if one path is strictly inside another. Optional arrows were added to the slopefield routines. The movie function now generates multipage PDF animations when format="pdf" and global=true. A fit argument was added to support an optional filled bounding box for each movie frame. Casts were added between the hsv structure and pens. In inline latex mode, TeX headers are now output only when needed. An xasy bug was fixed. The sticky bit is no longer set when creating the ~/.asy directory.

  •  10 Apr 2007 00:52

Release Notes: A new picture size routine that maps specified user coordinates to a given final size provides a convenient way of forcing the plotted subregion of a graph to have a fixed size. The correct surface normal is chosen when calculating lighting. The comment character can now be escaped when reading strings from data files. The new word file mode is useful for reading white space-delimited strings. PostScript output files are now explicitly designated as EPSF in the header line. Interpolation and knot theory modules were added.

  •  13 Apr 2005 10:18

Release Notes: A more efficient type-safe union was used to speed up the virtual machine by roughly a factor of 5. New routines "ellipse" and "labelellipse" were added for drawing ovals around frames and labels. The function "bbox(frame)" was renamed "box(frame)". These routines now prepend to the frame for filling with a background color; they also return the boundary as a guide. A workaround was added for a bug in gcc version 3.3 to facilitate compilation under Darwin (Mac OS X). Many internal coding improvements were made.


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