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Release Notes: Bugs with non-square pen function images and autoscaled logarithmic axes were fixed. Off-screen and non-off-screen rendering are now supported in a single binary (requiring OSMesa version 8). The media9 LaTeX style file is now used to embed 3D PRC content. Local 3D coordinates are used. PRC Part names are no longer generated by default. A bug in bezulate was fixed. A settings.axes3 flag was added to control the visibility of PRC axes. An efficient 3D routine for drawing many triangles, with specified vertices and optional normals or vertex colors, was implemented.

Release Notes: A new off-screen (software) 3D rendering option supports rendering on machines that are remote or lack a working video graphics card. Shifted pens now work correctly. The handling of whitespace in word mode file reads was fixed. A transpose argument was added to the pen function image facility, for consistency with the other image functions. The limit calculation of parabola and hyperbola was fixed in the geometry module.

Release Notes: PRC vertex shading for straight patches was implemented. A general image routine for a pen function of two integer parameters and a 3D pixel routine were added. Side effects are avoided in self operators. Keyword-only function arguments were implemented. The sizing routines were recoded. Bugs in drawline and geometry were fixed. The geometry module no longer overloads the built-in circle and ellipse functions. PDF TeX engines are supported in xasy. State dependency was removed from the trembling module by introducing a tremble structure. A new version (1.24) of asymptote.sty is included.

Release Notes: Arbitrary depth array constructors were reinstated. Profiling code was added. Spaces within file names and EPS file attachments are now supported in inlinetex mode, and interference from any pre-existing aux file is avoided. A new auto-generated version (1.21) of asymptote.sty features a latexmk-compatible asyinclude command. Path-overwriting bugs in the NSIS MS Windows installer were circumvented.


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