Comments for Artistic Style

05 Oct 2012 21:58 Saalen

Despite of several project owner changes, this utility has improved a lot over time. I'm using it for more than 10 years.

15 Apr 2000 21:22 tengel

AStyle now on SourceForge

20 Jan 2000 01:31 hkpenguin

source code availablity
you can go to to search on:

there should be a group of debian potate mirror sites have the source code copy.
What a pity the original site is down!

14 Jan 2000 20:58 jremillard

Not available anymore
The home page listed has been dead for the past two weeks, and author did not respond to my email asking for the source code. It looks like the program has been abandoned, and worst of all I was unable to find any other site with the source code.

Does anybody have a copy of the source for this program?

22 Feb 1999 23:40 ddaniels

Useful utility
Artistic Style is a great utility for converting code to a standard. The only features that I would like to see added is one for importing styles from editors such as emacs and jove. The other feature is another way to customize the styles without recompiling.


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