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AstroAviBrowser is a small tool for astronomy imaging capture/processing. It allows you to open a video file, select the good frames, and save the new sequence in a new avi file using raw or lossless codecs. You may also de-bayer your frames and separate RGB plans. It's a kind of "AviRaw" for Linux.

Operating Systems

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AMD64 debian binary package available 24 Jan 2010

We already provided a source tarball and an i386 debian binary package. An AMD64 debian binary package is now also available.

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  •  05 Apr 2013 19:52

Release Notes: This release builds with cmake. It can generate sum, max, median, and average frame. It uses libav instead of libavifile (outdated), and can automatically select the best frames. The output can now be forced to RGB24 for better compatibility. Many bugs have been fixed.

  •  22 Feb 2010 01:23

Release Notes: The frame processing is much more accurate (luminance computation, colorspace conversions, and de-mosaic process). All frames can now be stored as raw AVI files, lossless AVI files, or BMP sequences. The lossless compression now uses Huffyuv (better compression). Many bugs have been fixed. The GUI has been reorganized.

  •  10 Feb 2010 12:59

Release Notes: A bug in frame seeking was fixed. Sometimes, wrong frame numbers were displayed.

  •  16 Jan 2010 08:45

Release Notes: This release fixed a file writing permission denied bug and added much better resizing managment.

  •  15 Jan 2010 08:11

Release Notes: A huge memory leak found in 0.2 was fixed. Some minor bugs were also fixed.


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