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ASTRES is a helpdesk application that allows you to manage customer tickets (with workflow and level tree views), internal actions between actors, diffused/received documents, sent/received material, planning, stats, reporting, and news. It is used by the French civil aviation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Oct 2012 16:28

    Release Notes: This release can manage contracts, purchase orders, units of work, assignments of units of work to supporters, and weekly imputations of supporters, desactivate projects, define the way to sort purposes in documents and the purposes GUI, create absences in the name of another supporter, use a big block of text for the explanation in a ticket, and update the description of an internal action.

    •  24 Jun 2010 08:23

      Release Notes: This version introduces a system to log a user's actions, Web services (RSS), mail services (which excutes commands according to a mail message formatted in XML), copy rules, a new plugin to administer the databse with a GUI (only for the admin profile), a new plugin to help the RHD profile affect tickets, and more.

      •  05 Nov 2009 15:53

        Release Notes: You can send a carbon copy to some people of a particular comment. If a supporter is in vacation and a customer or another supporter send him a comment, the backup of this supporter is sent a carbon copy of this comment. The supporter of a ticket at the top level can be notified when a supporter of a ticket at the third level enters information in the history. A supporter of a ticket can tag information entered in the history as an alert/risk. There are two deadlines: the desired deadline by the author of the ticket, and the deadline given by the supporter of the ticket. A dockbar and a new skin for the GUI have been added.

        •  13 May 2009 15:04

          Release Notes: A better system of custom fields. The possibility of restrictions to display custom fields only for some levels and types of requests. Better features for the planning of requests. A new system of reminders (notification by email). The ability to create a request from an action. 2 new session managers (in database and in files). Management of the URL rewriting of the STO (Customer) and Support modules. All titles of notifications are prefixed by the name of the function that sent the email.

          •  03 Nov 2008 18:40

            Release Notes: A new system of custom fields for requests (like in Mantis software). A new system to plan time slots to treat requests. The ability to search knowledge in an external wiki based on MediaWiki thanks to the knowledge search engine. A new JS/PHP plugin to improve search engines of requests and documents. A new field in the ActivitiesReportsStructs table (ActivityReportStructActivated). A problem with the custom dialog when there is a change of supporter on a first level request is fixed. A synthesis page of all opened works (requests, calls, purposes, and actions) is available.


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