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AsterClick is a system for developing with Asterisk AMI and HTML5 WebSockets. It is composed of two parts: a server-side middleware and a client-side JavaScript class. The server-side middleware mediates between Asterisk AMI and multiple HTML5 browsers connected via WebSockets. The JavaScript class manages the WebSockets connection and provides methods like addEventListener() and removeEventListener() that take AMI events as parameters. AsterClick does away with browsers polling servers by exploiting the persistent nature of HTML5 WebSocket connections. The communications protocol between client and server is based on XML. Commands can be sent via the JavaScript class using XML strings, XML objects, or JSON objects. A client can connect to multiple Asterisk servers at the same time. The server-side component of AsterClick has hooks for both custom AsterClick commands and server side plugins and related events that all share the same XML stream.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2011 11:09

    Release Notes: Backward compatibility was extended to PHP 5.1.6. Elastix 2.0.3 is now supported. The WBEA AsterClick AMI desktop deployment kit was released. This deploys AsterClick AMI/HTML5 applications as standalone executable desktop applications for Windows and Linux with no need for a Web browser or Web server. The AsterClick AMI tool set has now officially reached the Alpha stage.

    Recent comments

    21 Sep 2011 05:16 drclue

    The Asterclick documentation website has had a major makeover as a prelude to the coming (R15) release, so check it out

    20 Sep 2011 06:49 drclue

    AsterClick has upgraded it's webSocket (HyBi) support to include HyBi versions 07-15. This newly completed support will be included in the AsterClick (R15) release.

    The GIT public repo has been initialized at
    and represents the current efforts as we close in on the big R15 release.

    09 Jun 2011 19:42 drclue

    Current support of the HTML5 features used by AsterClick
    has developers reporting success with current versions of
    Chrome,FireFox,Opera, and Safari.(no word yet on IE9)

    Remember AsterClick is the world's ONLY event driven
    Asterisk AMI bridge for JavaScript!! NO POLLING such
    as all other systems rely on..

    04 Jan 2011 03:54 drclue

    The project for AsterClick HTML5 event driven interface to Asterisk AMI has just
    released a new set of packages (.zip, .deb, and .rpm) that now support CentOS on
    the Elastix Asterisk distribution. We hope this will also support the PIAF asterisk distribution as well. (testers needed)

    We believe this is the worlds very first truly event driven web API for Asterisk AMI,
    and hope to see developers creating some wild applications with it be it drag-n-drop HUD systems or new fangled live dialplan editors with in memory
    live call testing of dialplan fragments without having to modify or reload dialplans

    The WBEA component is now finished and working and all that remains prior to release is to create some documentation, although we'll probably do that part in partnership with the Alpha testers. For those that don't know about WBEA (pronounced "W" as in www) it makes any AsterClick or other HTML5 web application into a standalone desktop executable for both Windows and Linux.

    So head on over and create the next cool GUI application for Asterisk using but a browser and a text editor!

    04 Sep 2010 09:27 drclue

    The new AsterClick WBEA tool sputtered to life today, allowing a web based AsterClick HUD tool to function as a stand alone Windows desktop executable.
    To make it more interesting , the Windows Desktop tool was run under Linux wine!

    The HTML5 based AsterClick HUD tool was able to place calls, manipulate call queues , meetme conference rooms and the like with no changes to the web code

    A bit more testing and polishing remains, but WBEA lives and AsterClick as well as other HTML5 based web applications can now exist as installable executables!


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