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Aspyct is a Python 2.x and 3.x library including an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) engine, Unit Testing tools, and other general-purpose components.


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  •  01 Apr 2009 21:06

    Release Notes: This fourth beta introduces the Aspyct.meta module, and adds the Synchronized aspect to Aspyct.utils. It also includes various bugfixes and transparency improvements.

    Release Notes: The library is now split in three parts: aop (the current AOP engine), unit (a unit testing module), and utils (reusable aspects). The AOP engine is more transparent when handling exceptions in Python 2.x, while Python 3.x is OK.

    •  24 Feb 2009 18:40

    Release Notes: This release includes a deep rewrite of the smart engine and removal of the atExit join point. This rewrite allows Aspyct to support Python versions from 2.4 up to (and including) 3.0. The Smart engine now runs twice as fast as before. Aspect application is more intuitive, and makes full use of decorators. The pointcut utility is up and working.

    Release Notes: Aspyct3k features compatibility with the new Python 3000 engine, as well as with Python 2.6. In addition, the new Smarty engine is available as a replacement for the old and slow Core.

    Release Notes: The release involves clean-ups, bugfixes, feature enhancements, and documentation improvement. The last missing join point has been added, atAvoid. The core engine is now even more reliable, runs faster, provides more data, and uses less memory. Aspyct is now split into four modules: core, decor, error, and light (this one is in an advanced beta state). The tutorial is now complete and available for download.


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