Version 11.2.0 of Aspose.Words for .NET

Release Notes: This release can now see up to 50% conversion speed improvements during document conversion. It is built primarily to work with Microsoft Word documents. It is renowned for its high level of support for Word document features, and now has the lists to prove it. There is also a list that describes the HTML tags that are written for a particular document feature during export to HTML. These lists have been made as accurate as possible and are continually being improved. It also includes Introduction of the “Mustache” Template Syntax for Mail Merge.

Other releases

Release Notes: This new release of Aspose.Words enables Java &.NET developers to insert OLE objects such as another Microsoft Word document or a Microsoft Excel chart in a word document. This release also adds a new method for inserting an embedded or linked OLE object from a file into a Word documents along with Outline, Shadow, Reflection, Glow and Fill text effects for rendering text inside DrawingML shapes. Aspose.Words’ rendering engine now partially supports EUDC (End-User-Defined-Characters) fonts and use a modified Open Office algorithm to set the best fit position of data labels in Pie Chart.

Release Notes: Automatic style updates are now supported in .NET, Java, and Android applications. When a document with this option set is opened, changes to the styles in the attached template will automatically appear in this document. Hyphenation is now supported with a new class that allows you to specify a hyphenation dictionary. Word documents can now be exported to XPS and digitally signed.

Release Notes: This release adds Curved WordArt support (the WordArt shapes fit to frames defined by Bezier curves) and advanced DrawingML effects such as glow, outer shadow, and reflection. When "track changes" is enabled, any insertions, deletions, or changes in the document are identified and displayed to the user. Along with these three standard changes, there is a special type of change tracking which identifies when a portion of content is moved from one place to another in the document. This move is seen as one unique operation in which the content is moved from one position to another.

Release Notes: Structured document tags (also known as content controls) are dynamic document elements that can be added to display and insert information in different ways and can be interacted with by the user. Noticeable improvements were made in the field update when working with large documents.

Release Notes: The HTML engine was overhauled with better support for CSS features and improved overall performance. Rendering documents to PDF with PDF/A-1a compliance level is now supported. This compliance encompasses all of the requirements of PDF/A-1b which Aspose.Words already supports and ensures that the document can be searched and repurposed.


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A document viewer for PostScript, PDF, TIFF, DjVu, and other formats.


Project Spotlight

Imperialism Remake

A remake of the classic strategy game Imperialism.