RSS All releases of Aspose.Slides for .NET

  •  28 Mar 2014 19:12

    Release Notes: This release adds support for efficient management of hyperlinks in the presentation, slide, and text frame levels. It introduces support for numbered and unnumbered list styles when importing paragraph text from HTML. It resolves issues pertaining to accessing and saving presentations which resulted in different exceptions in earlier product versions. HTML rendering support has also been improved, and several issues related to presentation-to-HTML exportation have been rectified, including missing images in generated HTML and improper text rendering.

    Release Notes: This release is part of the ongoing process to develop a merged Aspose.Slides for the .NET API that is at par with the legacy Aspose.Slides for the .NET API. The legacy Aspose.Slides for the .NET API will be phased out once the merged API incorporates all the same features and is fully mature. This release adds support for loading, saving, editing, and rendering 2D SmartArt objects. It also rectifies some reported issues regarding presentation access in this release. There are some known issues in this release; they are being worked on.

    •  01 Jan 2014 21:24

      Release Notes: This release enhanced support for SmartArt loading, saving, editing, and 2D rendering of objects. It is now possible to set SmartArt background color and text rendering, to set multi-level chart categories, and automatically update linked OLE frame data. Several presentation rendering issues inside exported PDF and slides thumbnails were fixed, including missing hyperlinks, missing images, wrong font substitution, and improper text rendering.

      Release Notes: This release add improvements towards SmartArt and chart rendering support. The preservation of charts entities and SmartArt shapes inside generated thumbnails and PDF files have also been ensured. Issues pertaining to slide transition and animation effects in saved presentations have been resolved. This release has rectified the inconsistencies when saving presentations with OLE frames which earlier resulted in corrupted presentations. Issues pertaining to exceptions in accessing or saving presentations have been addressed.

      Release Notes: A new feature was added for replacing the image in the Presentation class’ PictureCollection. All shapes in the presentation that use the selected image are automatically updated to use the new image. Many chart, bullet, and text rendering issues encountered during slide thumbnail generation and PDF and HTML export were fixed. Presentation access and saving issues were also addressed.

      Release Notes: This release has many improvements. It has implemented support for setting a relative picture frame size as available in Microsoft PowerPoint. Please visit the documentation for an example. It also makes great improvements towards SmartArt rendering support, and many issues encountered when rendering presentations with SmartArt shapes have been rectified. It addresses performance-related issues and has made some good improvements in this area. Many PDF and thumbnail generation issues involving charts, tables, and text have also been rectified.

      Release Notes: Several presentation rendering issues have been addressed. HTML import support was improved and support for table tags, text formatting tags, and many embedded CSS property tags was added. Many chart, table, and text rendering problems were fixed. Export to PDF issues were corrected. Slide cloning and table manipulation issues have also been rectified. Performance when managing presentation tables was improved.

      •  13 Aug 2013 19:07

        Release Notes: This is primarily a maintenance release which resolves many presentation rendering issues. It resolves several issues and inconsistencies experienced when exporting slides with charts to PDF and thumbnails. Some of the presentation access issues, along with table rendering, have also been improved in this release. Bugs like Chart series label missing, Wrong bullet characters rendering, Chart series label missing, Wrong Callout shape color rendering, Border rendering in generated PDF, Extra legend key on thumbnail, and many other issues are addressed in this release.

        Release Notes: Support for generating a password protected PDF was added. It is now possible to verify if the license is properly applied and even reset it. Custom fonts can now be used without installing them from a predefined location. Many presentation cloning and presentation and slide rendering issues were fixed. Overall rendering performance was improved.

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with a primary focus on chart rendering support. Many chart rendering issues including accessing charts plot area, chart legends rendering, accessing chart data, and charts failing to open in Edit mode have been resolved. Some PDF and thumbnail generation issues have also been mitigated. It also fixes chart background missing in generated PDF, Charts missing in generated PDF, Chart data labels, and many other issues.


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