Version 2.9.0 of Aspose.Pdf for Java

Release Notes: This release includes stable and robust conversion of image files to PDF format. New BorderStyles are supported, including dashed, dotted, and dash-dotted. The HTML to PDF conversion feature is now more stable and handy. Some important fixes were made for generation of tables of contents, word spacing, rendering of special characters, heading formatting, and much more.

    Other releases

    Release Notes: The maximum number of columns in a table has been increased to 512. Additional classes and methods were ported from Aspose.Pdf for .NET. New methods with Stream arguments are implemented in the PdfBookmarkEditor class. Extracted bookmarks can now be saved into a stream object and can be imported into a stream from an XML file. PDF to JPEG , XPS to PDF conversion, PDF to PDFA_1b conversion, and concatenation of PDF files were improved.

    Release Notes: This release synchronizes the classes and enumerations of Aspose.Pdf for .NET to the Aspose.Pdf for Java architecture. It introduces a feature that lets you convert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to PDF format. In order to accomplish this requirement, it introduces a class named SvgLoadOptions. PDF files usually contain text, images, form fields, fonts, annotations, etc., and sometimes duplication of resources in a document increases file size. To reduce the file size, remove unused and duplicate objects. A PDF file is mostly text, and text can have more than one font.

    •  28 Jan 2014 01:11

      Release Notes: This release adds converting PDF files to the DOC format, converting PCL files to the PDF format, converting XSL-FO to the PDF format, finding and replacing text by its location, and using Japanese text inside PDF documents. It is a better and more stable version than its predecessors. It fixes many issues reported in earlier versions, including PDF to JPEG conversion, PDF to PDF/A_1b conversion, PDF to HTML conversion, HTML to PDF conversion, PDF to TIFF conversion, bookmark manipulation, working with hyperlinks, and placing tables inside PDF documents.

      Release Notes: This release features XPS to PDF conversion, better PDF to JPEG conversion, improved memory management, and great enhancements in PDF portfolio creation. Some other important new and improved features were also included.

      Release Notes: It is now possible to convert PDF files to HTML using just two lines of code. Output fidelity of the PdfExtractor class’ extractTextAsHTML(..) method was greatly improved. A separate JAR file targeted for JDK1.4 and JDK1.5 is available: aspose-pdf-4.3.0-jdk14.jar. PDF to image conversion was improved, both in terms of results and performance.


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