Version 1.4.0 of Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Release Notes: This month’s release provides extensive support for the GIF image format. You can now load GIF images that include the interlaced images. You can also export any image to GIF with LZW compression. Both load and export processes are fast enough to suit your performance needs. This release also introduces a simple but efficient mechanism of using the cache as temporary data storage. Read more about how the cache is used in the documentation and Saving the TIFF image as JPEG and PNG alters the original image (TIFF).

Other releases

Release Notes: This release includes TIFF image data recovery and dithering support for raster Images. The TIFF file format stores data in strips. When strips are damaged, other strips may still retain the correct information; therefore, it is possible to recover the correct data strips by filling the damaged strips with a background color. The data recovery module offered allows the user to retrieve the correct data portions (strips) in a similar fashion. It allows the user to convert AutoCAD DXF drawings to PDF, and allows the user to select a layer from a DXF drawing and export it to PDF.

Release Notes: This month’s release enhances DXF AutoCAD 2010 file format conversion to PDF and adds support for rotated MTEXT shifting, splitting of MTEXT special symbols, spline objects, and dimension filling for AutoCAD default arrows while converting DXF AutoCad 2010 file formats to PDF. Improvements to the TIFF codecs allows Aspose.Imaging to load and manipulate CIELAB and CMYK type TIFF images without raising an exception. Transparency is now preserved while converting a GIF image to PNG. A few resolution related issues reported with JPEG and TIFF image formats were also fixed.

Release Notes: This release includes a feature that lets you read AutoCAD DXF drawing entities and render them as an entire drawing into PDF format. At the moment, it fully supports the AutoCAD DXF 2010 file format with all widespread 2D entities and their basic default parameters. However, the plan is to support other AutoCAD file formats in the future. Another feature has been introduced for reading and editing an image’s EXIF data.

Release Notes: Some new overload methods were added to Graphics.DrawImage with a parallelogram mode and ImageAttribute object parameters. A simplified and optimized approach for creating images was introduced. You can now pass any raster image to TiffFrame(). Support for the .NET 1.1 Framework was dropped. Concatenation of JPG to TIFF format is now supported. Issues with converting an Array to black and white, Pixels load/save, duplication of watermarks during image processing, and opening and saving of multi-page TIFF images were fixed.

Release Notes: This month’s release includes significant improvements in TIFF image manipulation.You can now add different image formats as new frames in TIFF images. TiffOptions are supported for frames. Support for large images was added. JPEG to TIFF conversion with CCITTFAX4 compression, rotation of cached images, big endian TIFF image, and other things were fixed.


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