Version 3.5.0 of Aspose.Email for .NET

Release Notes: This release supports MS Exchange 2013 Exchange Web Service (EWS) features. The EWSClient class’s GetEWSClient method instantiates a new EWS client object which now supports connecting to Exchange server 2013 as well 2007 and 2010. Supported features include Connecting to Exchange Server, Getting mailbox information, Sending email messages using an Exchange account, Deleting messages from an Exchange Server, Creating and Adding messages to Exchange folders, Marking messages as read or unread, Moving and copying messages from one Exchange folder to another, and many more.

    Other releases

    •  31 Mar 2014 22:30

      Release Notes: This release supports adding files to PST folders like Microsoft Outlook with just a couple of lines of code. It also introduces a new feature of working with Unified Messaging from Exchange Server 2010. It adds enhancements to adding reminder information to MapiTask, updating Contact Information using EWS, listing messages asynchronously with MailQuery, listing messages recursively by specifying the recursive parameter in and the ListMessages method, and enhances the API’s EWSClient for working in a thread-safe environment.

      Release Notes: This release added support for moving messages and folders to other folders in the same PST. It is now possible to load Google Tasks from iCalendar format. The API’s MapiTask class now exposes a static method, FromVTodo, for loading a task from an ICS file and saving it as Outlook Message format or adding to a PST file. The SMTP, POP3, and IMAP clients now support listing server extensions such as IDLE, UNSELECT, QUOTE, etc.

      Release Notes: This release supports configuring proxy server settings for the SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, and SOCKS5 protocols in mail clients. Semi-corrupt PSTs are now handled properly. A number of bugs related to multi-language email encodings, inline image display, MapiCalendar scheduling, and some attachment issues were fixed.

      •  04 Jan 2014 00:36

        Release Notes: This release further empowers the EWS client by introducing a new feature of creating, updating, and deleting calendar items on Exchange servers. It further extends this functionality to Outlook Calendar items, which makes it possible to set visual as well as audible reminders for Calendar items. A new feature for adding as well as retrieving attachments from iCal files has been added. Important bugfixes were made related to various functionality of the API, including encoding issues, messages conversion to TIFF as well as XPS, and Exchange clients, which further improves the overall functionality of the API.

        •  03 Dec 2013 10:54

          Release Notes: A PST can now be searched using parameters such as sender, receiver, subject, message importance, presence of attachments, message size, and message ID using a newly introduced class. It is now possible to add reminders to created appointments, which can then be saved as ICS or MSG file format.


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