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  •  04 Apr 2014 17:30

    Release Notes: This release optimizes the Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services Report Designer, and users can now load Aspose.Cells add-ins for Excel x64. Moreover, you can configure Report Servers to store or cache the report server data and can import a report definition file for SSRS2008 or SSRS2008R2. It also supports SSRS 2008R2 Shared DataSets now. When Aspose.Cells Report Designer opens a report definition file which includes shared datasets, it can automatically get dataset information which includes a fields form. This release includes plenty of new and improved features.

    •  13 Dec 2012 14:28

      Release Notes: This release added support for SQL Server Reporting Services 2012. The Aspose.Cells.Report.Designer Client Tool provided by Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services can be used and integrated with Visual Studio for SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 as well. Custom oriented tab delimited exporting options were enhanced. Overall performance when rendering files and exporting with parameters and cell formatting was improved. Several bugs including problems with headers and footers, issues with grouping data, hiding columns, merging data, page breaks, and hyperlinks were fixed.

      Release Notes: This release includes some general features such as workbook and worksheet protection. The Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services client component now supports Office 2010 x64. Optimization work has been done to improve the overall performance of Aspose.Cells and its modules. This version also fixes a number of internal bugs and includes several new enhancements, for example, the Herder background color bug, a hide column issue, the row merged algorithm module, a page break issue, hyperlink and bookmark links bugs, the row algorithm module, the Excel 2007 (data only) output bug, etc.

      •  21 Feb 2011 12:57

        Release Notes: This version includes designer support for createing a matrix template in MS Excel. Conditional formatting for table and matrix report items is also supported. Encryption configuration was also enhanced. A tablix report item can now be rendered only for CSV and TXT formats in SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. Encryption configuration in the Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.xml file was optimized. Other bugs were fixed.

        •  20 Dec 2010 11:22

          Release Notes: This release includes support for exporting Excel 2007 and ODS file formats with digital signatures. It also supports digital signatures while exporting MS Excel 2007 and ODS files. You may now optimize performance while configuring the Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.xml file. Other recent bugs were fixed.

          •  08 Jun 2010 12:39

            Release Notes: This release includes plenty of new and improved features. Rendering was optimized for large data reports. An installation issue for Windows 7 was fixed. Paging is resolved for Tablix report item. Rendering more groups for Tablix is handled. The memory use rate was reduced. Other recent bugs were fixed.


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