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Asmail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff, but with the Afterstep look & feel. It indicates the status of your mailbox. It can be put in the Wharf, execute program on incoming mail, execute program on mouseclick, show animations and more...


RSS Recent releases

  •  10 Apr 2007 00:57

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem where error printing output causes errno to be set to a different value.

  •  27 Feb 2007 11:00

Release Notes: SSL support has been implemented. There are small fixes in the GUI.

  •  15 Oct 2005 16:43

Release Notes: This release removes the unnecessary jpeg and Xt libraries from the makefiles. This release was prepared in response to the Debian bug report 334079.

  •  23 Jun 2003 01:05

Release Notes: Fixes were made for Notes servers and persistent connections to IMAP servers.

  •  08 Feb 2003 11:00

Release Notes: A small fix to the handling of mH-style mailboxes.


Project Spotlight


A tool which edits and replays captured network traffic back onto the wire.


Project Spotlight

SIREMIS Web Management Interface

A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).