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AskoziaPBX is more than another GUI for Asterisk. It is an embedded PBX solution which eases system upgrades, backups, and provisioning.

Recent releases

  •  29 May 2009 14:17

    Release Notes: This release adds a French localization and updates the Japanese and German localizations. The last few hard-coded AskoziaPBX strings have been made customizable for branding customers (whose updated versions are also available for download).

    •  19 Sep 2008 14:15

      Release Notes: Providers with non-numeric usernames with no set "read back" number no longer crash in voicemail. Deleted phone accounts are now automatically removed from call groups. Call groups with no members no longer break dialplan. The busy/call limit documentation has been fixed. The "invalid input" state of SIP/IAX provider/phone account pages no longer results in the selected codecs being reset to defaults. SQLite CDRs now store year information.

      •  21 Aug 2008 14:09

        Release Notes: New outgoing Caller ID options for ISDN and Analog Providers was added. New Portuguese language audio prompts were added. WebGUI localizations for Greek, German, Italian, and Dutch were updated. The annoying "Remote UNIX connection" messages are no longer generated. Two old hardware compatibility bugs have also been resolved: systems with Cyrix 5530 ATA controllers and Intel D201GL* boards are now working.

        •  19 Aug 2008 15:01

          Release Notes: A major fix was made to the JavaScript changes introduced in pb14.1. Those changes have been reverted as they broke much more than they fixed. A few new localizations have been added (Polish, German, and Bulgarian). The internationalization support was cleaned up and finalized for 1.0. Also, a new feature on the "Services -> Voicemail" page was added which allows you to test your mail settings.


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