Version 0.6.3 of Askemos

Release Notes: Context view added to Wiki implementation to assist visualization of position in the network structure.

Other releases

  •  01 Dec 2003 13:02

Release Notes: The BALL proxy/server now forwards WebDAV requests to Askemos, and the distributed Wiki agent has preliminary support for WebDAV-based authoring.

  •  28 Oct 2003 06:26

Release Notes: New features include byzantine synchronization, SSL support, asynchronous DNS lookup, a LALR(1) parser generator (bison port), a pattern matcher, and a general interpreter core. The rscheme persistent store now supports garbage collection. The usual bugfixes were made, including a fix for the annoying lost file descriptor.

  •  08 Mar 2002 13:01

Release Notes: Changing the internal data model, making the file system storage adaptor also good as primary storage, support for inactive capabilities, SRFI-19 (date & time arithmetic), and SXPath, an opend mailing list, a binary distro, and several bugfixes.

  •  10 Jan 2002 17:56

Release Notes: Support for PCRE has been added. This release is moving towards canonical XML, and has several bugfixes.

  •  20 Dec 2001 07:12

No changes have been submitted for this release.


Project Spotlight


A library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints.


Project Spotlight


A replacement of GNU Stow written in C++.