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Augmented Syntax Diagrams

Augmented Syntax Diagrams (ASDs) provide a way to represent grammars of natural languages as directed graphs. Nodes represent instances (or usages) of words and phrase types in a language such as English. Edges link nodes together to indicate how instances of words and phrase types can follow one another to make up phrases, clauses, and sentences in the language.

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Decision Networks 28 May 2011

It has become possible recently to use ASDs as Decision Networks, where the nodes represent values for decision variables. The edges are either di...

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14 Nov 2011 22:17 roxanne Thumbs up

CardWorld1a, is the latest version of a working model of dialog about cards and piles of cards on a table top. It uses a mix of direct-manipulation, English language, and pointing to manipulate the cards and card collections. Here is a link to the webstart version:

06 Sep 2010 03:03 roxanne Thumbs up

CardWorld1a uses ASD's as decision networks as well as grammars. Here below is a Java Web Start demo page:

06 Sep 2010 02:53 roxanne Thumbs up

Augmented Syntax Diagrams can be used to represent decision networks as well as


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