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ASCEND is an interactive environment for modeling, debugging, and solving large systems of nonlinear algebraic or differential equations. Oriented towards chemical engineering applications, it includes a large Open Source thermodynamic properties database. The interactive design allows users to inspect and solve very difficult nonlinear systems. It includes plotting abilities and is scriptable using both Python and Tcl/Tk.


Recent releases

  •  07 Oct 2008 04:42

    Release Notes: This is generally a bugfix release. There has been some new work on a rigorous thermodynamics library (see FPROPS in the wiki for more details). The ASCEND manual (PDF) has been improved in its formatting/navigation. Note that version was not released; that release number has been skipped.

    •  27 Mar 2008 07:13

      Release Notes: This release fixes some launching problems on Windows. The DOPRI5 integrator is now included in the binary packages, and linking with CONOPT has been improved. Some new Graphviz functionality has been added to allow graphs of equations and variables to be autogenerated. Also, a units-of-measurement dialog was added to the PyGTK GUI. Some initial efforts to support the Mac platform are included.

      •  20 Aug 2007 12:24

        Release Notes: The Windows installer was fixed to include developers' header files. Help menu links in the PyGTK GUI on Linux were fixed. External libraries/DLLs were renamed for clarity (lib{name}.so becomes lib{name} Some problems with ascend-config on Windows were fixed.

        •  05 Aug 2007 15:05

          Release Notes: Support for dynamically loaded DLL/SO solvers, much-improved handling of missing dependencies in the Windows Installer, and preliminary versions of DOPRI5 and IPOPT solvers.


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