Version 7.0 of Asbru Web Content Management

Release Notes: This release adds many new features. The most notable are functionality to import existing Dreamweaver and HTML file-based Web sites into the Asbru Web Content Management system, support for individual user access restrictions to content in addition to the existing role-based access restrictions, and support for multiple style sheets per page and template.

Other releases

  •  06 Nov 2012 22:22

Release Notes: This release adds Apple iPad and iPhone iOS 6 support to the Web content editor. It also adds blog settings for enabling and disabling comments for each blog entry. This release also adds a number of other improvements and bugfixes to the community features of the system.

  •  02 Feb 2011 14:07

Release Notes: This release adds improved preview of scheduled content items. There are also improvements to dynamic checking of content dependencies and this version also adds hiding of content groups and types for administrators without access permissions.

  •  09 Nov 2010 22:03

Release Notes: This release adds a new business starter Web site. There are also several improvements to the workflow functionality, to the breadcrumb trails, and to navigation menu functionality. This release adds support for PHP 5.3.

  •  13 May 2010 14:46

Release Notes: This release improves the handling of content items published to static filenames. There are also many improvements in the way login is handled, including blocking of user logins after a configurable number of failed login attempts and support for password expiration. This release also adds support for HTML and CSS code validation.

  •  10 Sep 2009 12:46

Release Notes: This version makes it possible for organizations to easily deliver content tailored for different devices such as mobile phones and PCs. It also includes several new features for online stores and many significant improvements for system integrators and developers.


Project Spotlight

Packet Peeper

A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.


Project Spotlight

Ada EL

A library which implements an expression language similar to JSP and JSF.