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  •  21 Feb 2005 08:13

Release Notes: A script was added to avoid the case where the session ID of a user is sent within the referer when clicking on an external URL posted into the chatroom. This is done in order to avoid session theft. Rooms may now contain special characters, and a faster and more compatible color picker was added. A Bosnian language file is now included, and the browser_push version uses less bandwith. Registered users can now re-login quickly, even if their former session did not time out correctly.

Release Notes: This release fixes all bugs from the alpha version, and is very stable. Detailed installation instructions and a comfortable installer script were added. Users can now have individual page layouts. Support for Safari is now fixed.

  •  05 Nov 2002 09:08

Release Notes: This release adds the long requested feature of switching all users to quiet with one command. It also has optimized parameter handling and storage, which results in a cleaner admin page.


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