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The AROS Research Operating System is an effort to implement an Open Source and portable operating system that is compatible with AmigaOS(TM) 3.1. It was originally meant to be a direct reimplementation, but AROS currently has features which do not exist in AmigaOS(TM).

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RSS Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2006 02:55

Release Notes: Numerous changes were made.

  •  08 Mar 2004 17:57

Release Notes: Several bugs have been fixed. New features include a new PCI subsystem and improved icon support on the desktop.

  •  24 Nov 2003 17:20

Release Notes: The GUI has been further improved (with many new classes implemented), new applications have been ported (including the gcc compiler suite), and a lot of bugs have been fixed.

  •  26 May 2003 17:26

Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed, and some improvements have been made to the GUI and to the build system.

  •  25 Apr 2003 18:01

Release Notes: This release features an improved Wanderer, new datatypes, many bugfixes in various modules, and new programs ported.


Project Spotlight


A GW-BASIC-compatible interpreter.


Project Spotlight


An integrated suite of office and creative applications.