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Arora is a simple cross-platform Web browser whose feature list includes things like "History" and "Bookmarks". It has a small code base. It was originally created as a demo for Qt to help test the QtWebKit component and find API issues and bugs before the release. A very old version can still be found in Qt's source code in the demo/browser directory. Arora works on Linux, OS X, Windows, FreeBSD, and embedded Linux using Qt Embedded, and works anywhere else Qt does.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  23 Apr 2010 19:23

    Release Notes: This release changes the code to build with the final API that is found in Qt 4.6.0. A segfault that could occur when opening a URL on a new window from the command-line has been fixed.

    Release Notes: This release contains support for search keywords and several bugfixes. Support for Qt 4.4 has been dropped; the minimum version required is 4.5.

    •  21 Jul 2009 07:22

    Release Notes: This release adds several new features, bugfixes and code improvements. There is now support for drag-and-drop URLs, full text search in the location bar, and keyboard accelerators (Qt 4.6 only).

    •  19 Jun 2009 13:42

    Release Notes: This release fixes the Windows build and building in parallel (make -jX).


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