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  •  14 Jul 2010 11:54

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in saving complex cubes and has workarounds to remove warnings under certain dodgy compilers.

  •  07 Jul 2010 07:51

Release Notes: This release has speedups, new functions (e.g. convolution and generation of Toeplitz matrices), as well as internal architecture improvements.

Release Notes: This release has architecture improvements resulting in speedups for relational operators and expressions involving mixed matrix types.

Release Notes: This release added handling of interactions between complex scalars and non-complex matrices. There are also minor bugfixes for compilation issues under certain compilers.

  •  28 Apr 2010 10:22

Release Notes: This release added STL-style iterators as well as functions for appending matrices. Handling of maximum and minimum norms was also added.

Release Notes: This release added a cross product operation and bugfixes for in-place addition of particular vector multiplication expressions.

Release Notes: This release has minor speedups as well as bugfixes in complex number versions of several functions.

Release Notes: This release has an extended and overhauled expression evaluation framework for faster handling of compound expressions. Several new functions were added and the documentation has been improved: there is now a conversion table between Matlab and Armadillo syntax.

  •  27 Jan 2010 13:20

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed. Functionality was added for forward compatibility with future 0.9.x releases.

Release Notes: This release added several new functions such as pseudo-inverse. A class for on-the-fly statistics of vectors was also added. There are improvements and bugfixes in handling of submatrix views as well as speedups for some compound expressions.


Project Spotlight


A weather logging application.


Project Spotlight


A tool that shows histograms of used byte-values in files.