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Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to develop turn based and real time games. It provides a simple way of creating games using Python for a game's description. Marauroa, its server, uses Java, MySQL, UDP, and Python for hosting dozens of players.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Jul 2004 16:54

    Release Notes: Out of sync logic was added for the pyarianne module.

    •  05 Jul 2004 12:45

      Release Notes: Classes of ingame objects were added, and the configure script was improved.

      •  04 Jun 2004 20:26

        Release Notes: This release improves the autoconf and automake support, adds compressed RPMap messages to save more bandwidth, and adds some extra functions for the pyarianne module.

        •  25 May 2004 20:23

          Release Notes: Python support was added, allowing you to code new clients using Python. Autoconf tool support was also improved. The build script needs improving, though, because it doesn't check for SWIG and Python.

          •  19 May 2004 18:12

            Release Notes: This release adds an Out of Sync message to request synchronization with server. It has been synced with changes on the server side.

            Recent comments

            03 Oct 2005 06:15 igneus

            Great peace of code
            Arianne seems great. I like it. I will try it.

            25 Feb 2004 14:22 jeffcovey

            Re: Version wrong number of 0.04

            > The version should read 0.4.4

            Ok, I've updated it. In the future, please contact us directly instead
            of just posting a comment.



            23 Feb 2004 00:41 ariannedev

            Version wrong number of 0.04
            The version should read 0.4.4, sorry for the problem.
            The failure is due to a new way of numering version, starting from 0.4.0 when the package itself is 0.04



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