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Release Notes: This release adds SSL/TLS encryption support in RPC transport. The new RPC method aria2.appendUri has been added (it's a wrapper to aria2.changeUri). The Content-Disposition parser is now RFC 6266-conformant. The resource leak in XmlParser, JSON, and Bencode parser has been fixed. The uploaded data size calculation bug has been fixed. For the MinGW32 build, files are now opened with read/write shared mode.

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that aria2 does not work on platforms that have the kqueue() system call due to invalid timeout parameter. The --show-console-readout option was added. This option toggles the appearance of console readout.

  •  10 Jan 2011 08:55

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that prevents the creation of directories on Windows OS. It also fixes the bug in which aria2 wrongly determines a peer as a seeder and drops connection in the seed state. Some improvements and bug fixes in the BitTorrent implementation were made.

  •  18 Dec 2010 16:56

Release Notes: This release fixes the compile error that occurs with the --disable-nls configure option. It also fixes the compile error that occurs when the system does not have fallocate() but has posix_fallocate().

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that causes a memory leak when parsing Metalink document if aria2 is built with expat. It also adds several exit status codes to help identify the cause of an error. The --max-connection-per-server option now works with Metalink. aria2 now passes the number of files and file path in addition to the GID to commands specified in the --on-download-* options. The MinGW32 build now encodes non-ASCII characters in a file path using percent-encoding. A bash_completion file for aria2c is now included in the distribution.

  •  01 Nov 2010 16:29

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that prevented downloading files larger than 4GB on 32-bit systems. It also fixes the bug that prevented the dht.dat file from being saved. The improper use of the return value of vsnprintf was fixed, which caused segmentation fault when formatting strings more than 1024 characters long.

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug in which aria2 hangs when the FTP server does not send the "226 Transfer Complete" message and the bug in which the time used in file allocation is taken into account when calculating download speed. Non UTF-8 filenames are now percent-encoded. The comments and name in the .torrent file in an XML-RPC response are also percent-encoded if they are not UTF-8. A compile error on OpenBSD4.7 (i386) was fixed. A warning message when CA certificates are not imported is not printed in the console. It is shown when Instead, a certificate verification error is shown when one actually occurs.

Release Notes: This release adds the short option -x for the --max-connection-per-server option and -k for the --min-split-size option. It also adds the --max-download-result=NUM option. This option sets the maximum number of download results kept in memory, and the default value is 1000. --max-connection-per-server now accepts values up to 16. The "@" character is now allowed in a username embedded in a URI. This release fixes the bug in which aria2 reports an error and exits with non-zero status when a file is already downloaded and a checksum is available.

Release Notes: This release adds IPv6 support for FTP, BitTorrent, and BitTorrent DHT. For FTP, EPSV and EPRT command support was added. Enabling IPv6 DHT requires several new options. aria2 now listens on both IPv4 and IPv6 sockets for BitTorrent, its DHT and XML-RPC. aria2 uses the same port for both IPv4 and IPv6. The ability to add and remove BitTorrent tracker announce URIs was added. The link error for FallocFileAllocationIterator was fixed.

  •  28 Jun 2010 15:25

Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that caused corrupted files. It also fixes an assertion error in the DefaultPeerStorage class. aria2 no longer resets the referer to the empty string on redirect. The log and log-level options can be used in the aria2.changeGlobalOption XML-RPC method. This means you can dynamically start or stop logging and change log file and log level.


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