Version 7.2.8 of Areca Backup

Release Notes: It is now possible to check archives after a merge has been performed (in the same way as it was performed after backups). This version also introduces CBC encryption and some minor improvements

    Other releases

    •  26 Jan 2014 20:40

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in delta storage which could generate 'out of memory' errors when reading large files.

      •  20 Jan 2014 22:48

        Release Notes: This release comes with minor memory optimizations.

        •  16 Jan 2014 23:23

          Release Notes: Areca now attempts to locate your archives when importing backup configurations (for instance, if your backup drive letter has changed) This version fixes issues that could occur on temporary files in multi-users environment. It also includes minor memory optimizations when handling large directories, as well as a higher memory limit (increased from 256MB to 512MB)

          •  03 Jan 2014 20:08

            Release Notes: This version includes a cleaner configuration import window, fixes a bug that occurred when using the '-date' switch in the command line tool, and comes with a better error management when reading metadata.

            •  07 Nov 2013 00:31

              Release Notes: This release fixes a memory management issue when recovering files. It also prevents modifying the backup scheme (full, differential, incremental) when resuming an interrupted backup and adds further integrity checks after archive merges.


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