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Arcueid is a C interpreter for Paul Graham's Arc dialect of Lisp. It is intended to be compatible with the Arc 3.1 release, with a simple interface to C, and is easily usable as an embedded interpreter or an extension language.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 May 2013 00:57

    Release Notes: Nested quasiquotes now expand with Common Lisp semantics. Readline behaviour was cleaned up. Memory leaks and stability were fixed. A faster GC algorithm is used. Large file support is available on 32-bit systems with bignum support. Regular expressions are now built into the language. The load function now honours load-path*. The ability to run Arc code in a shebang-prefixed script was added.

    •  25 Apr 2013 12:01

      Release Notes: This is just a bugfix release, but a significant one, as it fixes all of the bugs which prevented Arcueid from running Paul Graham's news.arc.

      •  23 Apr 2013 08:53

        Release Notes: This version is a near-complete rewrite that incorporates many changes. The garbage collection algorithm has been changed. Performance improvements were achieved by keeping stack copying to a minimum. There is also a new foreign function interface and Readline history.

        •  29 Feb 2012 05:23

          Release Notes: This release provides some 32-bit compatibility fixes (although 32-bit support is still somewhat broken), other minor bugfixes, and support for Arc's atstrings. News.arc is now correctly rendered.

          •  20 Feb 2012 10:41

            Release Notes: This release adds a big bag of pages memory allocator, many bugfixes involving optional arguments and special syntax, as well as missing built-in functions. This can actually be used to run news.arc, though it is still unstable.


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