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Arch Linux is an i686-optimized Linux distribution. It is lightweight and contains the latest stable versions of software. Packages are in .tar.gz format and are tracked by a package manager that is designed to allow easy package upgrades. Arch is quite streamlined compared to some other distributions. Things that are relatively unused are not kept (info pages, for example). A default Arch install leaves you with a solid base; from there, you can add packages to create the custom installation you're looking for. Arch has a package build system that allows you to easily create your own packages, which makes it very easy to rebuild a package with your own custom configuration. Arch also aims to use the newer features available to Linux users, such as reiserfs/ext3 and devfs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2013 02:23

    Release Notes: The install and rescue medium snapshot contains arch-install-scripts 9 with an improved fstab generator, Linux 3.6.8, systemd 196, and updates to core packages.

    •  02 Oct 2011 07:59

      Release Notes: This release has an update to the Arch installation media, as the last release (2010.05) is not only quite outdated, but now yields broken installations if you do a netinstall (because the old installer is not aware of the changed kernel/initramfs filename in the new Linux 3.0 packages).

      •  09 Apr 2010 04:46

        Release Notes: This is a rolling CD image release built from a current snapshot of [core], which includes kernel, udev 141-5, and pacman 3.3.0-3. It includes usage of the new AIF installer, which brings a better disk editor with support for dm_crypt and lvm setups, support for automated installations using configuration files (which deprecates quickinst), a framework to build your own installation procedures, enhanced date/time setting with NTP support, refactored grub installation routines, and usability improvements. FTP images were renamed to netinstall to avoid confusion.

        •  29 May 2006 20:48

          Release Notes: Updated packages. Minor bugs in the installer have been fixed. Hardware auto-detection has been improved.

          •  24 Jan 2005 19:42

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

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