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Release Notes: This release mainly features a Dutch translation. It also brings some minor GUI changes.

Release Notes: The scalability when the number of objects increases was improved. An option reports the latest available versions.

Release Notes: With this version, the POV-Ray and EPS exporters now support Bézier curves. A progress indicator has been added.

Release Notes: In this release, a temporary snapshot system was added for "undo" purposes. Leaking patterns are now detected and reported. The GUI, EPS export, and pattern loading speed were improved.

Release Notes: A user preferences system was added. The drawing grid can optionally be displayed. There are several minor improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: Ability to use an image as a background model, and several minor enhancements and bugfixes concerning the GUI.

Release Notes: A selectable list of items was added, and several GUI bugs were fixed.


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