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Ar4j is a lightweight persistence framework based on the ActiveRecord design pattern. It is for use with Java and it uses Spring 3.0 JDBC/SimpleJdbc. It allows for easy interfacing with your database using DB aware POJOs. It integrates with Spring via autowired adapters.

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Version 0.3.0 Benchmarks Added 20 Jul 2010 11:27

Benchmark results of Ar4J 0.3.0 vs. Jdbc/SimpleJdbc/Hibernate are now available on the project page:

Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2010 20:12

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to specify a naming strategy for table and column names.

    •  26 Aug 2010 10:38

      Release Notes: This release has a hotfix for an issue with collections of custom types as finder parameters.

      •  23 Jul 2010 18:52

        Release Notes: This release removes JSON wrapper capability. It fixes a few bugs related to native methods. It fixes annotation detection on active records when they are part of a class hierarchy. Context is now immutable, allowing some internal caching in the future.

        •  09 Jul 2010 20:23

          Release Notes: Major cuts in unused sections of the API. Simplification of integrating with spring (no more adapters; read only instances wired straight in). Simplified custom type discovery with a registry of default type converters per type. Simplified dynamic finder, native SQL, and named SQL annotations and usage. Simplified testing.

          •  14 May 2010 19:49

            Release Notes: This release adds the ability to use placeholders in @AdapterQualifier annotations with a special setup. It adds some documentation to classes.


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