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  •  10 Feb 2008 07:26

Release Notes: The playlist code has been refactored for improved performance. Note that incompatible changes have been made to the playlist format, rendering existing playlists unusable. Threading problems that caused random crashes for some users have been fixed, along with several bugs concerning command line file and playlist loading. Opening ALSA output no longer requires exclusive driver access. A new, more versatile title string format has been implemented. An option to periodically save the playlist has also been added.

  •  18 Feb 2007 07:45

Release Notes: Drag and drop from external applications has been fixed. Removing selected tracks and inverting selection in the playlist are now fast (optimized and improved). The shortcut 'A' (show active song) does not interfere with Ctrl+A (select all). Checks have been added for NULL pointers as a workaround for a TagLib bug. A native WavPack decoder has been added.


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An APT-like system for Slackware package management.


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A football match engine simulation.