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Release Notes: The GnuPG support was extended, and now simple encrypted messages can be decrypted by aptg2. The ability to "QuickBrowse" an email folder was added.

Release Notes: This version comes with a mass of new features. Firstly, email might be flagged now (as important/personal/ later/etc.) and are shown in a specific color in the list. After a reply to a received mail there is a new icon in fron tof the mail in the list. GnuPG support was added. In detail one can search and import public keys or generate a own key, and sending simple GPG encrypted mails is possible, with no attachments and only one recipient.

Release Notes: The personal options were improved. Users can now create their own style.css file and upload it. The use of the style.css was improved, and nearly everything which belongs to the style is declared there. The sessionlib now has a second function for "pseudo" sessions. This function can be used to get the sessvar, given the SID, but it allows changes to be saved. The MySQL table for personal configurations was redesigned.

Release Notes: The development branch for aptg2 has been created. Some small features were added. An iconset can now be chosen. A styles.css file which will be used for display can also be chosen.

Release Notes: Enforce SSL has been added, and the actual work on GPG support has begun.


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A music typesetter, based on the ABC language.


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