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  •  21 Jun 2006 15:56

Release Notes: This release fixes crashes and promoteepoch regression handling.

  •  22 May 2006 11:16

Release Notes: Repomd support is more complete now, and several bugs in it have been fixed. Various other fixes and minor enhancements have been made.

Release Notes: This release adds support for common repository metadata (also known as repomd repositories) such as used by Fedora Core and Extras. Basic multilib support has been added. Various other miscellaneous new features are included as well.

Release Notes: There is a new list-nodeps plugin, better handling of virtual package installation and allow-duplicated upgrades, and new Lua functions and slots. Handling of --test and --nodeps has been fixed. Priority handling has been introduced for allow-duplicated packages. There are other minor changes and fixes.

Release Notes: Support for installation of random remote packages by giving a URL on the command line. Epoch promotion now mirrors RPM behavior. Configuration files not suffixed by .conf/.list are ignored. Japanese translations have been added. Unknown/untrusted signatures are ignored in RPM 4.1+. There are new verisonline() and loadlib() functions, 'posix' and 'rex' extensions, and type checking, in the Lua interface. There are other fixes and minor changes.

Release Notes: Internal committing of transactions in one operation. Handling of local packages without repositories. Translation of filenames to package names. New Lua slots. An apt-cache script command. Many other bugfixes and improvements.

Release Notes: Asking for the version on virtual packages is now possible. Support for version naming on the command line has been extended. There is a new rpm-src-dir source type, and new verarch() and verprovlist() functions in the Lua interface. Access to the cache has been added to Scripts::RPM::{Pre,Post} Lua slots. Upstream changes have been merged. There are additional scripts in the contrib directory.

  •  10 Jun 2003 14:38

Release Notes: Bugfixes and minor feature enhancements.

Release Notes: This release adds Lua scripting capabilities, automake support, updating of individual sources list files, bugfixes, and other minor features.

Release Notes: Implemented apt-shell, meta-components, --check-only option, and the apt-cache whatdepends subcommand, several speed improvements, dynamic virtualization of packages, maximum architecture setup, reimplemented pkglist cache support, and many minor changes and fixes.


Project Spotlight


A relay server for the Secure Shell Chromium plugin.


Project Spotlight

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