Version 1.1.1 of apt-proxy

Release Notes: One-character fix to preferred (`+'-marked) backends.

Other releases

Release Notes: Support for HTTP/FTP backends was added, and there is a new script, apt-proxy-import, for importing existing .debs into apt-proxy's cache.

  •  06 Mar 2002 12:19

Release Notes: More efficient updating of package files for HTTP/FTP, and fixes for two lockfile problems.

Release Notes: Support for HTTP/FTP backends, and a new script (apt-proxy-import) to import existing .debs into the apt-proxy archive.

  •  21 Feb 2002 14:36

Release Notes: This release adds support for apt-file. It is installable on Debian Potato again. Older cache file versions could be purged later than configured. There are minor packaging fixes.

Release Notes: More advanced cache management with MAX_VERSIONS and file corruption detection, new log and config file command line options, bugfixes to streaming code and cache management, out-of-the-box readiness (user, cache directory, and logfile are created during first installation), and documentation updates.


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hamsterdb Embedded Storage

A fast and portable database engine written in ANSI-C.


Project Spotlight


A Debian GNU/Linux and Apache Solr-based live system.