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apt-dater provides an ncurses frontend for managing package updates on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. It supports Debian-based managed hosts as well as rug (openSUSE) and Yum (CentOS) based systems.

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  •  29 May 2012 20:50

Release Notes: This is a new feature release of apt-dater (including apt-dater-host) that also contains several minor bugfixes. It supports clustered hosts.

  •  27 Sep 2011 16:12

    Release Notes: A problem where zypper did not report any updates was fixed. 'zypper refresh' is used for refreshing package repositories. A RELEASE header was added to the version string on RPM queries. The apt-dater.conf man page was updated. Two hardening compile warnings were fixed. locale.h is included if available. apt-get is used as the default package manager. A dummy apt-dater-host.1 man page was included.

    •  01 Feb 2011 14:32

      Release Notes: A key mismatch in the history view was fixed. A selector positioning bug was fixed. Sudo is not used on apt-dater-host status with aptitude. Configure should check if popt.h is available. The "[screen] enabled" configuration option was dropped, since it doesn't work any more. Unknown yum based hosts (reported on Fedora) due to bad package status interpretation were fixed.

      •  05 Jul 2010 22:17

        Release Notes: This release adds a UUID host field to report output. It won't fail if apt-dater-host can't get the installed kernel packages; it will fall back to unknown reboot status instead. It uses $DPKGTOOL to detect packages with updates. The German localization has bee updated.

        •  29 Mar 2010 22:04

          Release Notes: Parameters on 'apt-dater-host install' must not be interpreted by the shell. Obsolete DefaultUser/DefaultPort lines have been removed from the conf/apt-dater.conf.example. This release handles fwrite return values in keyfiles.c. It adds apt-dater-host zypper version (using zypper in rug compatibility mode). It detects screen's socket path during configure. It adds .spec files for rpm packaging. It adds '-o Aptitude::Delete-Unused=false' to aptitude safe-upgrade calls.


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