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Aphid (the Apache/Perl HTTP Installation Daemon) provides a quick facility for compiling and installing the Apache Web server with support for SSL via mod_ssl, and with the embedded Perl interpreter provided by mod_perl. It downloads, compiles, and installs the software into the directory of your choice. Aphid places emphasis on providing an intuitive, browser-based interface and keeping a tiny distribution footprint. To date Aphid has been tested on Rehat Linux 6 and 6.2, FreeBSD 4.0, and Solaris 2.6 and 7.

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  •  01 Aug 2002 16:43

Release Notes: software_list.text has been changed to download Perl 5.8.0, URI 1.20, HTML::Parser 3.26, libnet 1.12, Digest::MD5 2.20, libwww 5.65, Apache 1.3.26, OpenSSL 0.9.6e, mod_ssl 2.8.10, and Devel::Symdump 2.03.

  •  06 Feb 2002 12:11

Release Notes: third_party.txt was changed to download Apache 1.3.23 and mod_ssl 2.8.6.

  •  16 Nov 2001 12:01

Release Notes: third_party.txt was changed to download Apache 1.3.22 and mod_ssl 2.8.5.

  •  27 Sep 2001 17:18

Release Notes: New cleartext "dummy" SSL certs since the originals are now more than a year old, a path fix to aphid's log when it is monitored during tty-only installations, removal of a redundant "make" for Devel::Symdump, and an incremented version number for the Perl URI package.

  •  16 Aug 2001 16:16

Release Notes: Dependencies on the RSARef library have been removed. A problem with blank lines with spaces slipping by the host queue regex has been fixed. A numbering error in the log message when a remote file has to be requeued for HTTP download has been corrected. The install writes its log in the same directory as it's invoked (instead of under /lib/install). Numerous third-party releases have been brought up to date with the currently released stable version. The documentation has been edited.


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