Version 2.0.0 of APCComm

Release Notes: A new ability to transfer more than one file at one time and even whole directories, at the cost of removed support for transfering in both directions at the same time. Files (and dirs) from any directory can be used for transferring.

Other releases

  •  03 Feb 2014 02:59

    Release Notes: This release adds support to directly write incoming ADF images to floppy disk drives and to create images from disks.

    •  29 Sep 2013 21:56

      Release Notes: This release adds support for virtually any parallel port supported by the Linux kernel (by using the library tavvva_ppdrv). It can use direct access to any base address for standard parallel ports (onboard or via PCI/PCIe cards) and indirect access for all other parallel ports (USB converters, etc.)

      •  17 May 2007 13:34

      Release Notes: The parallel port device is opened on the Amiga to prevent access by other programs. The parapin library has been updated to the latest version.

      •  17 Nov 2002 12:37

      Release Notes: This release fixes two major bugs in the Amiga version. File skipping now works. It's now possible to overwrite/skip all existing files. There is a basic menu in the Amiga GUI version, and all Amiga versions support the common "?" CLI flag.

      •  13 Jun 2002 11:43

      Release Notes: The Amiga version of apccomm now has a GUI, and there are new options for immediately sending and receiving and for skipping user interaction. The Linux version uses getopt for argument parsing, and the -ip option was changed to -i for long option support.


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