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Apache Geo Map

Apache Geo Map is a script that parses an Apache combined access log for the IP addresses of hosts that have accessed the server. It then looks up a Geo-Tag for those locations and, if successful, it adds them to a data file which the Google Maps API then displays. This plots all unique resolvable hits on a map.


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  •  07 May 2008 11:06

Release Notes: This release adds config support from the command line (e.g. ./ -c /etc/apachegeomap/default.conf). This should allow you to run the script easily for multiple sites. The script still supports defaults, so you don't have to specify a config file. This release also includes a fixed example and README documentation.

  •  23 Apr 2008 04:53

Release Notes: A feature was added which plots new hits in a different color than old hits to make them easier to see. The markers are then updated to the old color on the next run.

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09 Feb 2009 20:58 rjharv

Re: Requied libraries
Thanks I'll update the requirements

> This script requires YAML and

> Getopt::Std libraries in Perl..

23 Dec 2008 17:23 mdnava

Requied libraries
This script requires YAML and Getopt::Std libraries in Perl..


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