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The Apache Traffic Server (TS or ATS) is a modular, high-performance reverse proxy server, generally comparable to Squid. It was created by Inktomi, and distributed as a commercial product called the Inktomi Traffic Server, before Inktomi was acquired by Yahoo!. Traffic Server has been actively used inside of Yahoo for over 4 years, serving billions of requests every day. As of fall 2009, Traffic Server is an Open Source project, and in April 2010 the Apache Traffic Server was promoted to a top-level project of the ASF.

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  •  20 Jun 2012 23:10

Release Notes: This release is a major update over the last v3.0.x release. It is still API/ABI compatible with the 3.0.x releases, but adds a significant number of new features, bugfixes, and performance improvements.

  •  14 Jun 2011 14:13

    Release Notes: Changes since v2.1.9 are minor, but everyone is still encouraged to upgrade. Upgrading from v2.0.1 or developer releases (2.1.9) requires that you upgrade the configuration file (records.config) to use the version provided from v3.0.0. You should also clear all caches, and in particular, blow away the old hostdb DB and hostdb.config files.

    •  01 Jun 2011 06:58

      Release Notes: Both feature improvements and stability improvements were made. Literally hundreds of issues were closed since the last freshmeat announcement. All users of ATS are urged to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

      •  18 Nov 2010 21:54

        Release Notes: This is a large feature and bugfix release, accumulating significant changes from the v2.0 releases. All users of v2.0 and earlier v2.1.x releases are encouraged to test this latest development release. The v2.1.x branches will culminate in the next stable version, v3.0.

        •  29 Mar 2010 21:46

          Release Notes: This is the first Apache release. It's primarily a cleanup after the OpenSource initiative. This release will build on most Linux platforms, but no other Unix flavors are supported. Performance is decent, but the next major release promises significant improvements already.


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