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Apache QPID

Apache Qpid is a messaging broker that implements the latest AMQP specification, providing transaction management, queuing, distribution, security, management, clustering, federation, heterogeneous multi-platform support, and much more. It is extremely fast and aims to be 100% AMQP Compliant.

Operating Systems

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  •  04 May 2011 09:06

Release Notes: This release has undergone a lot of bug fixing and feature enhancement. All users are recommended to upgrade. The C++ broker now supports priority-ordered message queuing. The C++ broker and client now implement producer flow control. The Java JMS client is now available via Maven.

  •  07 Dec 2010 14:45

    Release Notes: This release contains many bug fixes and stability improvements. Qpid Messaging API is supported for the C++ and Python clients. A .NET binding for the C++ Qpid Messaging API was added, which is an intermediary program designed to make access to C++ Qpid Messaging methods simple. The .NET binding is written on top of C++ Qpid Messaging API objects. A hybrid SQL-CLFS persistence module was added for the C++ broker on Windows. 0-10 support for the Java broker was improved.


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