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Release Notes: The software mentioned in the HOWTO has been updated. A LogFormat config for mod_gzip has been added. gdbm has been added to the prerequisites. A lot of SGML enhancements were made, including more metadata and a revised FAQ section. This version was also synchronized with the English original.

Release Notes: Apache was updated to version 1.3.26. Some minor corrections were made. A lot of typos and grammar mistakes were fixed.

Release Notes: Updates to the software mentioned in the HOWTO, lot of small bugfixes, a new section about compressed delivery, a new section for further information, a new section for FAQs, and syncing the HOWTO with the English original.

Release Notes: The German translation is now on the same level as the English original. Lots of (non-technical) typos and grammatical errors have been fixed. The instructions have been updated to meet the newest available software versions. Basic support for Jakarta-Tomcat has been added.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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