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  •  23 Jul 2009 13:27

Release Notes: Premature timeout of a command reassigned to a new local network interface was avoided. Support for 2.6.30 Linux kernels was added, and compatibility with kernels older than 2.6.11 was repaired.

  •  23 Apr 2007 14:58

Release Notes: An unlikely race condition and some unaligned memory accesses were eliminated. The documentation was improved and updated.

  •  19 Jan 2006 11:32

Release Notes: The timer for a new AoE device is now activated only once.

  •  30 Dec 2005 12:24

Release Notes: The revalidate function now accesses user memory safely. AoE device information is now refreshed when the device is finally closed. Documentation has been improved.

  •  11 Apr 2005 13:46

Release Notes: A bugfix makes the driver record the new MAC address when a new EtherDrive blade is inserted into the same shelf and slot from which a previous blade has been removed. The firmware version of each aoe device is now visible through a "fwver" file in sysfs.

  •  16 Mar 2005 09:27

Release Notes: Support for multiple AoE targets with the same MAC address was completed. For compatibility with older 2.6 kernels, the new endian-marked types were replaced with old-style fixed-size unsigned types. The documentation was updated.


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