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  •  10 Oct 2006 00:56

Release Notes: This release adds Subversion 1.4 support, improved command-line support, and module-level merge functions for merging to a branch or the trunk. With the out-of-the-box War plugin for building Web applications, this release is a must-have. All current users are advised to upgrade.

  •  08 Jan 2006 13:19

Release Notes: The only change compared to 1.3 is a CVS setup fix affecting new Antmod users using CVS. The "antmod setuprepos" command was not working properly when using a CVS repository; this has been fixed. Current Antmod users do not necessarily need to upgrade.

  •  20 Dec 2005 12:05

Release Notes: This release contains an out-of-the-box War plugin for building Web applications, enhancements to various other plugins, and improved CVS repository support. It is recommended for all current users.

  •  16 Oct 2005 16:32

Release Notes: This release features new plugins for findbugs, tomcat, javadoc, jar, and javac. It contains various bugfixes and improvements in other build plugins. Some property names and directories have been made more consistent. This release is recommended for all current Antmod users.

  •  20 Jul 2005 04:45

Release Notes: This version features a solid plugin architecture, making it easy to customize Ant build functionality. New plugins for test coverage and OSGi have been added. Antmod's build output has been improved to show more and easier to read build information. Many smaller improvements and bugfixes have been made. Java 1.5, Ant 1.6.5, and Mac OS X now are now fully supported.


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