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Anteater is a log analyser for MTA logfiles (such as those produced by sendmail and postfix). The tool is written in 100% C++ and is very easy to customize. Input, output, and the analysis are modular class objects with a clear interface. Currently, there are modules for reading the syslog format of sendmail and postfix that do up to eight useful analyses and write the result in plain ASCII or HTML, to stdout or to files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Nov 2003 15:55

    Release Notes: A new analysis called "mfip" (mailcount from IP) was added. The postfix filter reduces duplicated mail transfers with the message ID, and this filter also reads the IP address of the client. Options to customize the HTML output were added, and the --domain option now accepts multible domains. Some minor bugs were also fixed.

    •  24 Oct 2003 15:22

      Release Notes: This release adds an input filter for Postfix and provides the necessary switch to select an input filter. The new parameter --aliases-file=no disables aliases.

      •  17 Oct 2003 07:58

        Release Notes: This release fixes some problems with autoconf and automake, and integrates the project in the KDevelop 3.0 environment. The deprecated strstream headers are replaced by sstream, and the endmost header is enabled by default (instead of the sprintf function).

        •  22 Mar 2003 20:50

          Release Notes: Some problems with gcc 3.x have been fixed. The missing ASCII ouput of all parameters has been added with the command line option "-m". The option "-h" has a short hint for the options "-m" and "-mhtml".

          •  24 May 2001 20:14

            Release Notes: The code has been cleaned up, and any "legacy" C++ calls have been removed. It now works with the "STLport" library. If you manage big logfiles, you should recompile anteater with the STLport library.


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