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18 Aug 2007 07:00 balamm

Re: Animation speed
Should add that IE will render anything below '6/100' at '10/100' instead making it even slower ;)

18 Aug 2007 06:31 balamm

Animation speed
The author complains about the speed of the animations, and it appears he's set the default frame delay to '0/100' or '1/100'.

That might work in mozilla based browsers, but MS browsers (and possibly others) can't run anything faster than '6/100'.

Although a bit faster, I doubt firefox even runs gif animations at '0/100'

You can change the finished animations frame rate in ie: jasc animation shop but be prepared for a crash or lockup.

The one I examined had over 1330 frames!

And despite having 1 gig ddr2 ram, 3.6 gig P4, I hit 0 available ram and 100% CPU just opening one of these files in jasc animation shop.

I decided against installing the application at that point so I don't know if this is a hard coded delay or maybe there's an opportunity to change that during run time.

I'd be very cautious about trying to run this app on a production server though with the number of image operations and resources required.

Would have been better to output these files as avi or mpeg, just to view them for nostalgia sake ;)


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